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About Chef Sean Wilde

Chef Sean Wilde

Chef Sean brings Gracie's more than 12 years of experience in some of Utah's most celebrated kitchens. He has acted as Sous Chef at Café Trio under renowned Chef Todd Miller (Trio, Metropolitan), the five-star Aerie Restaurant at Snowbird under Fernando Soberanis (Zermatt Resort) and Cannella's Italian Restaurant under Joe Cannella. He later took over the reigns as Cannella's Chef, expanding their repertoire with menu "hits" and nightly made-from-scratch specials. Having excelled in cuisines from around the world—including French, Italian, vibrant seasonal vegetables, sushi and game meats such as venison and duck—Chef Sean gives Gracie's a flavor all her own.

All I have to say is CURRY BURGER. I chowed one down alongside a curry carrot soup. Curry perfection.

Shane B. | Salt Lake City, UT
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* Thoroughly cooking of foods of animal origin such as poultry, beef, fish and shell fish reduces risk of food borne illness

* Denotes Gluten-Free Items. Please note our gluten-free foods are prepared in a kitchen that contains wheat, flour, and other gluten items.